Renewable Energies Program

Helmholtz Program: Renewable Energies (RE)

The Renewable Energy Program (RE) focuses on research and development of innovative complementary technologies for the future energy system based on renewable energy to avoid CO2 emissions.

The interdisciplinary program "Renewable Energies" at KIT focuses on the topics "Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy", "Bioenergy" and "Geothermal Energy Systems".

Fluid dynamics analysis of geothermal reservoirs

Geothermal power plant in Soultz-sous-Forêts

Photobioreactor for the cultivation of microalgae

Outdoor Algenversuchsfeld

(5 x 200 l Photobioreaktoren)

The program considers both multi-scale and system aspects. The large-scale facilities of the Helmholtz Association enable breakthrough developments in energy technology that go beyond the possibilities of universities, research institutions or individual industrial cooperations.