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Contact Persons

Participating institutes and scientific contact persons within the topic "Geothermal energy systems"

Topic spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl, thomas kohlOqq9∂kit edu, Tel.: 0721-608-45220

Coordination: Dr. Judith Bremer, , Tel.: 0721-608-42944

Spokespersons of the research clusters:

  • Reservoir-characterisation and engineering: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl
  • Thermal water circuit: Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb
  • Material and geoprocesses: Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler
  • Power plant operation: Dr. Dietmar Kuhn

Participating institutes and working group leaders

  • AGW (Applied Geosciences):
    • Abt. Geothermal Research: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl
    • Abt. Petrophysics: Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling
    • Abt. Engineering Geology: Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum
    • Abt. Aquatic Geochemistry: Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb
  • APH (Institute of Applied Physics), INT(Institute of Nanotechnology): Prof. Dr. Thomas Schimmel
  • IAI (Institute for Applied Computer Science): Dr. Jörg Isele
  • IAM-CMS (Institute for Applied Materials-Computational Materials Science): Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler
  • IKET (Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies): Dr. Dietmar Kuhn
  • IKFT (Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology): Dr. Gabriele Wiegand
  • INE (Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal): Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schäfer, Dr. Eva Schill