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Principle investigator:
Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb


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Scientific contact:
Gabriele Wiegand
Dr. Gabriele Wiegand


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Fabian Nitschke
Dr. Fabian Nitschke


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Dr. Frank Heberling


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Dr. Joerg Isele


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Dr. Dietmar Kuhn


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Geothermal Fluids in Saline Systems

Special issue in Geothermal Energy dealing with field analysis, laboratory experiments and geochemical modeling of the salinity effect.

Geochemical processes in the thermal water circuit

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb

Geothermal fluids are the key component of geothermal energy because they act as a transport medium of heat. The goal of this cluster is to use the complex composition of the fluids to obtain information about the deep reservoir based on experimental approaches, high-resolution measurement methods and numerical models. An in-depth understanding of the chemical processes also makes it possible to avoid precipitation and scaling in plant components. Such scaling can block pipes as well as the paths in the reservoir and contain chemotoxic elements. Therefore, they represent a key challenge for EGS systems. 





Mineral deposits in the scanning electron microscope:

a) intact scaling surface with (BaSr)SO4 crystals (gray) and nearly idiomorphic Galena crystals (PbS, light gray) (Heberling et al.);

b) sample cross-section of a typical sulfide-scaling with dendritic structure;

c) Detailed picture of a mixed Pb, As, Sb, S phase sulfide scaling (Haas-Nüesch et al.);

d) Cross section through a scaling sample with a sulfide layer at the scaling fluid boundary (Nitschke et al.) .



 Recent publications:

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Heberling, Frank; Schild, Dieter; Degering, Detlev; Schäfer, Thorsten (2017): How Well Suited are Current Thermodynamic Models to Predict or Interpret the Composition of (Ba,Sr)SO4 Solid-Solutions in Geothermal Scalings? In: Geothermal Energy 5 (1), S. 9. DOI: 10.1186/s40517-017-0068-x.

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Nitschke, Fabian; Scheiber, Julia; Kramar, Utz; Neumann, Thomas (2014): Formation of alternating layered Ba-Sr-sulfate and Pb-sulfide scaling in the geothermal plant of Soultz-sous-Forets. In: NEUES JAHRBUCH FUR MINERALOGIE-ABHANDLUNGEN 191 (2), S. 145–156. DOI: 10.1127/0077-7757/2014/0253