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Principle investigator:
Prof. Dr. Eva Schill


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Scientific contact:
Jörg Meixner
Dr. Jörg Meixner


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Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum


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Dr. Joerg Isele


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Frank Schilling
Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling

+49 721/608-44725

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Thomas Schimmel
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schimmel


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Reservoir characterization, processes and monitoring

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Eva Schill
This cluster focuses on "reservoir characterization" as well as "process, engineering and monitoring".
In the field of reservoir characterization, geological, structural, geophysical and petrophysical reservoir properties are investigated as well as hydraulic or hydrochemical parameters, which are of importance for the reservoir behavior, are determined.
Various techniques are used, i.a.
• Potential-field and diffusion-based methods for the estimation of structural properties
• Neural networks for the prediction of geological variability
• Estimates of the local and regional stress field using numerical, seismic and Pff well methods
• Geological, geophysical and hydrochemical logging analyzes with new numerical developments such as borehole simulators
The focus "Process, Engineering and Monitoring" examines fundamental constitution laws and THMC processes (thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical) in space and time under the complex and fractured framework conditions of EGS reservoirs. These multi-physical THMC processes and corresponding equations of state and linear or nonlinear constitutive laws are described with balancing equations for mass, momentum and energy conservation. Processes are investigated with specific numerical solution methods depending on the complexity of the geometry or other conditions in space and time.

Bohrlochrandausbrüche/Sahra, Schoenball
Modeling of borehole edge outbreaks; From this it is possible to draw conclusions about the mechanical rock properties (Sahara et al., Schönball et al.).

One focus of the cluster is the development of the large-scale infrastructure GeoLaB . Main emphasis of this planned international and interdisciplinary research platform is to gain a better understanding of the coupled THMC processes of deep geothermal reservoirs at high flow rates and issues in the field of reservoir engineering as well as wellbore safety.

Recent publications:

Held, Sebastian; Nitschke, Fabian; Schill, Eva; Morata, Diego; Eiche, Elisabeth; Kohl, Thomas (2017): Hydrochemistry and genesis of the hot spring fluids of Villarrica Geothermal system in the Andes of Southern Chile. In: GRC (Hg.): Transactions - Geothermal Resources Council, Bd. 41. 41st Geothermal Research Council Annual Meeting (GRC) & GEA GeoExpo+ 2017. Salt Lake City, USA, 1st - 4th October. 

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