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Scientific topicspeaker:
Thomas Kohl
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl


thomas kohl ∂ kit edu

Principle investigators:
Britta Nestler
Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler


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Prof. Dr. Eva Schill


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Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb


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Dr. Dietmar Kuhn


dietmar kuhn ∂ kit edu

Research in the Topic "Geothermal Energy Systems"

The research in the topic is structured in four clusters.

Our research aims at the safe, efficient and sustainable use of geothermal energy. It is structured in four research clusters along the EGS process chain:

Central research goals are:

  • Reliable exploration and minimization of the mining risk
  • Effektive, predictable and safe reservoir development
  • Efficiency and economy
  • Minimization of environmental impacts and sytematic quality assurance
  • Security of supply and effective system integration

We work on these topics to achieve the sustainable use of geothermal energy and to boost public confidence in geothermal energy. In this context, the proposed geoscientific underground laboratory GeoLaB was developed.

In addition to the thematic interfaces, the clusters are interlinked by methodological cross-cutting issues, such as numerical modeling.

The large-scale infrastrcutures MoNiKa and GeoLaB serve as core elements of research activities - already in their stage of development.


Integrated Research as Key to the Development of a Sustainable Geothermal Energy Technology. (Review in Energy Technology)